Knowledge Base

It's difficult to know how to structure such a "knowledge base", and there are literally tens of thousands of papers that can be defined as "changing behavior". I've decided to organize it as answers to five questions.
 These questions are too broad to generate definitive answers, but the effort can help to organize and relate the plethora of studies and ideas that could be relevant to behavior change.

1. What are we referring to when we say "behavior change"? What are some instances of behavior change that can serve as phenomena to be explained or specific targets for intervention?

Examples of "behavior change"

2. What are the most effective ways to change such behavior? (Based on current research, extrapolations of research, the perspective of different research literatures).

Effective principles for changing behavior

Practical Resources for Behavior Change

3. What are the relevant sources of academic and practical literature for understanding behavior change? 

Reading List

Similar Sites to this one

4. What are useful resources for doing research on behavior change?

Resources for Research on Behavior Change