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Practical Resources for Behavior Change

Interact with the Quantified Self community.

Sign up for mailing lists (, or join & attended the Bay Area Meetup ( 

Could source customers & a passionate set of test users by attending a Quantified Self conference.

Look at PACO by Bob Evans at Google, who is: 
"Currently, working on, PACO, an experiential sampling-based experimentation platform for health and wellness applications using mobile (Android) and cloud (AppEngine) technologies. Conceived as a 20% project and then turned into a fulltime project, PACO is used by social science researchers within Google to deliver studies to interested Googlers on topics ranging from productivity to mood. Additionally, individuals use the platform to track personal experiments such as eating habits, allergy responses, and vehicle fuel consumption. 

PACO will be available as an opensource project at by end of Q2 2011." 

Research by B.J. Fogg is extremely useful for health and behavior change: 

I would highly recommend attending the 2013 version of this conference on Technologies for Mobile Health (, it exposed me to the best current technologies for mobile and web-based health, and exposed me to many people in the industry.