Third Party Tools to Enhance the Use of Mechanical Turk For Research


  1. 1 Qualturk

There are many third-party tools and extensions that help to extend the usability of Mechanical Turk for Research Purposes. Below are some of the tools we've come across.


Developed by René Kizilcec of Stanford's Lytics Lab, Qualturk (, with more information and documentation at is a free tool to more tightly integrate the Qualtrics survey platform with Mechanical Turk.

Using QualTurk, researchers are able to simply implement effective screening measures, which prevent mturk workers not meeting the minimum qualifications for a study from participating. Qualifications include things like answering simple math problems (to ensure that workers are not answering randomly or being inattentive), taking too little time to finish the survey, and more.

The best part about Qualturk is that it is incredibly easy to set up. After registering for a free QualTurk account, you simply enter your Qualtrics survey link and the minimum time you think is reasonable for completing the survey into the site, copy HTML generated by the site into a Mechanical Turk HIT template, and launch the HIT! Filtering out participants who have been screened out once you've collected your results is also simple - QualTurk will automatically capture mturk worker IDs, and will show a "completion code" to participants who complete the survey and pass the screening. You can easily tell the people who have passed the screening by whether or not they have a completion code.

For more information and full instructions, sign up for a free account on