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Papers Mekentosj article & citation management software


How to get an introduction to Papers, or check out useful features

  • Their documentation is excellent, start at this Knowledge Base of good articles on using Papers 
  • For example, the Getting Started collection covers basic features like importing, adding notes & highlights, citing references, searching Google Scholar directly from Papers, and transferring citations from Endnote & Mendeley

How to get assistance in the moment

  • Go to their Support page, which is also very thorough. You can search within the "Knowledge Base" of their articles as well as within "Discussions" by their users, be sure to check out both. You can also submit a support request.
  • Search on this Gsite here.

How-to and Questions

How do I import a citation or paper?

How do I correct mistakes in references, link orphaned PDFs & references, handle duplicates

  • It's easy to get reference/citation information later on for PDFs that are already in your library, or you can get the proper citation if a current one is flawed.
  • Whenever you view a PDF or reference in Papers, there is a "Match" button that will open the internet and Search Engines like Google Scholar within Papers and allow you to track down the online reference, then match it. 
  • You can merge different files within Papers, taking the best of both worlds [how? Zadd]

How do I use a citation or insert it somewhere?

  • Right click on any article in Papers, and instead of "Copy" use "Copy as" and choose citation. Then just paste it into a word document, web page, anything.

How to export a reference list

How do I use Magic Manuscripts (replacement for EndNote)?

  • You can also enter "citekeys" in the text and have Papers create a bibliography automatically. Using Magic Manuscripts & Word you can automatically cite references in MS Word and then have Papers compile your bibliography when you're ready. Youtube video shows how
  • How to cite in the text of a paper with and without parentheses, year, etc (link).
  • Article with new developments in Magic Manuscripts?
  • Potential citation issues in Word where it looks like document isn't saving (link). 
  • How to get rid of "Fields" in the document
  • Understand what a "citekey" is. A unique bit of text Papers lets you insert as a placeholder for references. Incredibly, citekeys may be usable *across* libraries.
  • Use in footnotes

Reference guide for Magic Manuscripts:

How to import different file types to Papers?

You can import to Papers from any application by printing to Papers directly

How do I change where the papers library is located on my Mac?

What other useful functions might I care about?

Collection of Pro-Tips

To be processed & organized, random list of capacities [#list]