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Running Experiments Online

Google "running experiments online internet behavioral"

Checking participants' level of attention (two pdf articles)

This person does a lot of work on this topic and has resources:

and is an editor of the Oxford Handbook of Internet Psychology

Here are some references from p94 of Fiske, Gilbert & Lindzey's Handbook of social Psychology:

Birnbaum, 2001; Fraley, 2004; Goslin & Johnson, in press) aong with workshops (Michael Birnbaum or John E Williams) and websites (e.g., project implicit,
Birnbaum (in press) 

Useful text I've quoted from that book:
"Before undertaking Internet experiments, new researchers should draw on the numerous lessons already learned (E.g. Gosling & Johnson, in press; Reips, 2000; 2002a, 2002b, 2002c). A prudent first step would be to consult Reips (2002a) which summarizes expertise gleaned from the early years of Internet based research and presents recommendations on the ideal circumstances for conducting a study on the internet.... Reips's article concludes with a useful list of sixteen standards for Internet-based experimenting."