Template using Pokemon

This is a template page that illustrates some of the features of Google Sites.

Below is a table of contents.

Ash's Starting Pokemon

This section illustrates the functionality of the table of contents. Notice how Ash's Starting Pokemon is the topmost level on the table of contents, and bulbasaur, squirte, and charmander are the second-top level under Ash's Starting Pokemon. You can automatically create a table of contents by having the text at the top-most level be a Heading(H2), the second-top level to be a Sub-Heading (H3), and so forth.


    Grass and poison type bokemon. Evolves into Venasaur.  

    Grass and poison type bokemon. Evolves into Venasaur.


    Water turtle Pokemon. Evolves into Blastoise.


Elemental Types

This section illustrates the expandable textbox. Adjust the code to suit your needs.


List of Characters using Mouseover Text

This section illustrates mouseover text. To edit mouseover text, change the title attribute of the corresponding <html> tag.