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For Learners

Since academic success weighs heavily on both the correct strategies used to conquer the content and the strategies used to concquer one's busy schedule, we divided this category devoted to learners into two convenient sections: Study Skills and Study Habits & Time Management Techniques.
Study Skills section is devoted to the strategies related to learning the material while Study Habits & Time Management Technniques section is devoted to planning one's learning. That is, in the former section, you will find information about what to do during the study period planned in the latter section.
Of course, we acknowledge that the two sections are interconnected and to a certain extent overlap. For that reason, we make note when certain strategies necessitate or work better accompanied by changes in other strategies.
Study Skills section is further divided into a set of subsections based on the cognitive skills needed for success in different learning tasks; Study Habits section is further divided into subsections based on common organizational tasks.
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