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Next Steps in Site Development

Note: #toadd means we need to add something there. You can search "#toadd" in the searchbox on the upper right. In general, having a set of tags, identifies using #research, #teacher, #student, would be useful.

[ ] Add reference and link to IES practice guide under Top Research.
[ ] Add "key" list of references.
[ ] Add "explanation and learning" topic, copy the content over from joseph's website

Things to add

[ ] Mailing lists & discussion groups page.
[ ] Journalism & Media page.
[ ] Relevant researchers, centers, institutes page.

// LV notes //

Next steps in the site development:

[] Write a brief intro to every category and section marked with asterisk including intended organization of the page (to make sure that if anyone wants to work on something or to add something, he or she knows how to organize the information)

[] Complete For Learners section:

Roughly 8 main modules (these are chosen rather arbitrarily just to get started -- can be subject to modification):

1) Why and how to learn study skills // why it is important to learn good study skills & overview of studies which show that study skills can make a difference; rough guideline for easy interpretation of the things -- such as Zimmerman's (2002) three-phase cycle: Forethought Phase, Performance phase, Self-Reflection Phase -- importance of being self-aware -- importance of understanding being in control of one's thinking //

2) Role of your self-concept // interpreting your progress in terms of your fixed versus malleable qualities in a particular domain for instance -- mostly things related to the mindset things//

3) Your beliefs about knowledge and studying // epistemological beliefs; monitoring ways of acquiring knowledge -- monitoring your emotions towards the learning progression you are making and strategies you are using -- e.g., if you perceive that a certain strategy requires effort on your part, it might not be a reason to discard it as it is possible it just makes your more efficient; knowing that failing to understand the material upon first reading is normal... //

4) Understanding your motivation // monitoring and altering one's levels of motivation; what to seek motivation from; how to recognize lack of motivation and tackle it -- not sure if this would be specific to some other categories, such as motivation for learning information from a particular domain; motivation to use a particular study strategy or habit etc.//

5) Effective study strategies // what are these in different domains //

6) Implementing effective study habits // how to make sure the effective study habits are adopted (by study habits, I mean something a bit more general than strategies that includes time management skills as well as enables implementation of strategies-- to illustrate, the technique of summarizing after reading each paragraph would be a strategy for me while knowing how to remind yourself to summarize would be a study habits (and in study habits, I would also include longer term planning things such as planning one's study sessions, creating a study plan etc.); factors that make study habits easy to adopt... //

7) Effective study habits // what are these //

8) Improving one's study skills // how to learn study strategies from others; where and how to seek opportunities for further learning -- e.g., stuff such as noticing different structure or scale of argumentation and then thinking how the particular person arrived at that result... //

----> how to write these modules -- first, just amass lots of relevant information w/ citations for each module, then organize it, so that it has coherent structure and progression; add/modify/delete any modules as needed 

[] Complete For Teachers section // depending on what we write in For Learners section, we should write For Teachers section that reflects teaching the particular study skills as well as encouraging other good metacognitive techniques in students and using instructional principles that build metacognitive abilities; also some motivation as to why teachers should care about metacognition.... //

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