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Technical Websites Features to Implement or Develop

Ready to implement: 

DISQUS to allow users to comment
Mailing list.
Research: Broader group that readily allows subgroups of people to form with private discussion?

Next priorities:
  • Put multiple custom search boxes on a page!
  • Get autocomplete to work? Pattern of questions?
  • Fill out "how to use this site".
  • Try a basic template for the pages.
  • Domain-General skills & procedures for finding the relevant information (from a mini-training that has worked for us).
  • Flesh out a structured way to ask for contributions.
  • Sort out mouseover/HTML information provision.
  • How to get the navigation bar to *not* be in alphabetical order, *without* eliminating automatic organization.
    Get a blog embedded into the site.
  • Get some people using it, to get feedback.
  • Set up simple ability to take e-learning "course" – get mailed to, follow ups. Have people sign up for an ongoing course or mailing list reminder that gradually teaches them the content on this site. (If practical, it would be great for this to involve a good coordination of software to provide a general-purpose online education solution.
  • Structure site around page of "questions".
    Decide on a #hashtag system, and a page to automatically curate what hashtags are in use.
  • +1 buttons and other sharing tools.
  • Do more advanced search engine optimization.
  • Use other methods for disseminating website (social media, guest blogging, twitter profile, sharing useful new developments).

  • To facilitate repeated and continual learning over time, have a box on the homepage that displays random pages, topics, and links from the site. Or simply integrate this into the blog/twitter, where the "post" is a page from the website.

  • Do another Google search for any sites similar to this one.
  • Do another survey of colleagues and people to look for sites similar to this one.
  • Add content: 
    • What will be useful for learners & teachers?
    • Add content on specific topics.
    • Add more similar sites.
    • Add information on good educational technologies that are available.
  • Add the basic content for the practical information for students and teachers. 
  • Find a good 'control' condition for the practical information for students and teachers.
  • Decide how the mouseover and html pop-down should be used on each page.
  • Google & ask people about other good functionality for the kind of knowledge we're trying to represent here.
  • Incorporate a user friendly way to provide Hints/Reminders that users can get more information by mousing over text & expanding the HTML.

In the future:
  • Is it possible to get Google to enable Javascript & CSS tags for a site like this?
  • Is it possible to create a Google Group/Subreddit/Other forum that automatically creates a topic whenever a page is created, that can then be discussed? Or that allows such discussion directly below a page, or upon a particular click? Preferably with up/down or numerical ranking of a post. If possible with ways of ranking users' similarity, in order to connect them.
  • Set up functionality for user/s to directly edit the website, but to have these submitted as "suggestions" that can be modified before approval. 

A bit of effort:
  • Get the nonprofit Google Adwords available to us.