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Software skills for building information-rich Gsites pages

Using & creating page templates to save time

ANY page you create can be saved as a template and is then available from the list of options when you create a new page. For example,  right now the DEFAULT page we should use automatically includes a subpage listing and table of contents. What else should we include? What different types of templates should we have? [Can anyone figure out how to change what Gsites presents as the default kind of webpage?]

How to add a gadget that displays the list of subpages:

How to add a "TABLE OF CONTENTS" gadget that automatically produces and updates links to designated "HEADERS" (with levels H2, H3, H4) on the page, which you are allowed to designate

How to insert text that appears upon mousing over the link:

Use RED for these.

How to insert a link that can expand and contract a text box whenever it is clicked:

Use ???? (GREEN) for these.

How to use hashtags to allow tagging of key terms, that can then be searched from the Google Site search box

How to embed a Google Group into a page:

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