* Reading & Discussion Group

When: No permanent time yet.

Where: Tolman 2311 (2nd floor corridor)

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Motivation for Having this Reading Group:

There is a wealth of research on learning and instruction and many practical contexts in which learners and teachers could benefit from exposure to this knowledge. However, basic theoretical research is often not driven by the goal of understanding learning in order to improve it, and practitioners often do not receive research insights in a readily understandable form that they can easily implement.

The reading group is aiming to focus on papers that present deep and effective research insights into learning that can be easily implemented by practitioners (learners themselves, teachers, faculty, instructional designers) to have a noticeable impact on learning. A reading and discussion group is particularly good for this because we can approach papers with an eye towards their practical implications, as well as considering how the attempt to consider theories in a practical context suggests new directions for our own research.

There are thousands of papers in fields relevant to learning and so we will try to select those that have been shown to have the biggest impact or are very promising in their potential applications. Everyone has an opportunity to suggest and choose papers, and we can discuss both their merits and limitations. The discussion will also provide a chance for contact between typically disparate disciplines – like Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Education, Psychology, Public Police – as well as linking a research perspective to a more practical approach – like that needed by teachers, students, GSIs, lecturers.

We're also going to put some resources online on a Wiki – like links to the relevant papers, links to resources for researchers and for practitioners, and information for people who want to bridge basic and applied research. We'll also link to sites that provide similar information.