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Education, Psychology, Cognitive Science journals relevant to education

Learning and Instruction

Teaching Science

:Educational Psychology ,Educational Psychology ,Educational Psychology Review,  Journal of Mathematics Teaching ,  Journal of Educational Psychology ,  Journal of Psychology Pädagogosiche

Journal of the Learning Sciences

Cognition & Instruction

Review of Educational Research

Cognitive Science

Science: Education Forum

University of Virginia's list of journals relevant to teaching and learning 

Journals Related to Teaching and Learning

Journals Related to Teaching and Learning

Disciplined-Based Pedagogical Periodicals


Journal of Architectural Education


Health & Animal Sciences Education

Academic Medicine

Academic Psychiatry (formerly Journal of Psychiatric Education)

American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Journal of Dental Education

Journal of Nursing Education

Journal of Veterinary Medical Education

Medical Education Online

Medical Teacher

Nurse Educator

Teaching and Learning in Medicine


Business, Commerce & Law

Academy of Management Learning and Education

Issues in Accounting Education

Journal of Accounting Education

Journal of Financial Education

Journal of Management Education (formerly Organizational Behavior Teaching Review)

Journal of Marketing Education

Journal of Legal Education


Engineering and Applied Sciences

ASEE Prism (American Society of Engineering Education)

Chemical Engineering Education

European Journal of Engineering Education

IEEE Transactions on Education (Institute of Electrical and  Electronics Engineers)

International Journal of Engineering Education

Journal of Engineering Education

Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice


Arts and Sciences

Bioscience Education (online only)

Chemical Educator

College Mathematics Journal

Computer Science Education

Journal of Criminal Justice Education

Journal of Economic Education

Journal of Geography in Higher Education

Journal of Social Work Education

Journalism of Mass Communication Educator (formerly Journalism Educator)

Mathematics and Computer Education

Microbiology Education

PS: Political Science and Politics (incorporated Political Science Teacher)

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Sociology



Journal of Education for Library and Information Sciences


Cross-Disciplinary and Topical Pedagogical Periodicals



Active Learning in Higher Education

American Journal of Distance Education


College Teaching

Education Record

Feminist Teacher

Innovative Higher Education

Journal of Academic Development

Journal of College Science Teaching

Journal of Excellence in College Teaching

Journal of First Year Experience and Transitions to College

Journal of General Education

Journal of Student-Centered Learning

Journal of Teaching Assistant Development

Liberal Education

MountainRise (online only)

Teaching in Higher Education

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