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    Dear Dr. Godfrey-Smith,

    I have been looking for a somewhat "practical", compact source(s) for philosophy of science that is entry-level rather than comprehensive, and help clarify the thinking of research cognitive scientists/educators/social scientists who are interested in developing theories that address laboratory phenomena but also afford explanation (e.g. of how a student learns a particular mathematical concept), prediction (e.g. which of multiple instructional environments will result in better learning), and control (e.g. designing better learning or teaching strategies).

    I was wondering if you there is anything you might recommend in particular – a book, some introductory articles, a syllabus list. My current plan was to get the Kindle edition of your Theory & Reality book (unless you're coming out with another soon) and track down the part of Kitcher's book where he makes the argument that a good theory is like a "map" in that it is relevant to a particular set of goals.

    There is a new edition of the Curd and Cover collection of articles. Not sure if it is out just yet, but will be soon. The old edition was not bad. Weirdly there is not much online info about it -- I just looked. No kindle. 

    My book might be the best option. No new edition for another 4 years or so, though I will update it then. You might also look at Okasha's intro book, though it is very short (one of those 'very short intro' books). 

    You might also ask Arnon Levy about this. He works on explanation. Very smart guy. (

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