Literature on transfer

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What are different ways to define or explicate the concept of transfer?

The processing and addition of information to current representations, in a way that influences future processing. [In a way that "should" be expected, or is useful, rational.]

Useful points:
<> It seems one has to define the particular KIND of transfer problem. 
E.g. learn about fractions. improve study skills. become a "smarter" person.
Does it REQUIRE a statement of what the goals of learning are? (E.g. content, general skills, etc).

<> Maybe it isn't possible to define the problem of transfer without specifying the representations/processes/architecture.

<> What IS transfer? Seems it requires saying what IS *desired* transfer and what is *undesired* transfer. And how can one optimize desired transfer while minimizing undesired transfer.  It's a *dual* question.

<> There may not be one right answer to "what should someone transfer". It's not well-defined.
E.g. Solving a math problem – could apply MULTIPLE skills, could use it as an opportunity to practice math, practice proble-solving, practice CBT, practice subcomponents of each of those skills.
[Isn't it a problem when people say – I don't want to force a value decision, give it to them, let them make of it what they will...]


<> What are our intuitive concepts of transfer? How should we disseminate pieces of this explicated concept that will be useful?

What knowledge representations and cognitive processes are most relevant to transfer?

Categories/Concepts, Specific Mental Representations of instances (how they are categorized).
Causal & other relationships.
Long-term knowledge.
Episodic & Semantic information.
Access from LTM. (How can we begin to talk about how this works? Questions... cues...)

People's concepts are SPECIFIC. That's why we need a policy or coach or checklist.

What are good computational analogies for the problem of transfer?

<> People don't seem to understand that transfer is a problem.

What is the best way to promote transfer?

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