This website was built by Joseph Jay Williams, a Research Fellow/Scientist at Harvard's VPAL Research Group, and Sam Maldonado.

Joseph Jay Williams uses Qualtrics as an end-user-programming language for interactive web-apps and building intelligently adaptive online education courses, using MOOClets. 

Here is information from his talk at Qualtrics Insight Summit 2015: Link to Slides, Screencast of Preparatory Talk. Blurb is "His research uses Qualtrics and other rapid authoring software for web applications to bridge the gap between developing real-world web applications and scientific research. As explained at the URL, he finds solutions for non-programmers to use tools like Qualtrics to create interactive lessons and exercises. These use cases at first seem impossible without specialized e-learning and learning management systems, but can be applied by anyone once they are discovered." – Basic Overview of why Qualtrics compares favorably to existing Learning Management Systems for educational content

This screencasted presentation gives a drive-by exposure to its key features from basic to advanced and explains why Qualtrics is so useful for Online Research & Education. 

This site is a repository of useful links and information to help people learn the Qualtrics survey platform, with emphasis on using the platform for academic research. 

You can see an example of how Qualtrics has been used to experiment in Massive Open Online Courses in this TedX talk by Joseph Jay Williams: 

For a super-quick introduction or overview, just:
  1. Open a Qualtrics trial account and play around with it for 5 minutes.
  2. Go to Building a psychology experiment to see a rough list of the specific features that we've found most relevant, all the way from basic to advanced.

Otherwise, the natural progression would be Getting Started, then Intermediate Use, and on to Advanced Use

Depending on your background, the Building a psychology experiment and the Functions & Capacities in Qualtrics page will be useful – it's not aimed directly at instructing, but it does provide a long-time user's index of the most important features with direct hyperlinks to the detailed articles on Qualtrics' site. (Of course if you have tons of time feel free to head there directly, but using the list of links should be a lot more efficient. Qualtrics' site is aimed at users in a range of situations).

Please feel free to ask questions, suggest ways we could improve the site, or leave general feedback by commenting using the feedback form linked on the left-hand sidebar. 

You can get in touch with the creators of the site by emailing either  Joseph Jay Williams or Samuel Maldonado.