1. Basic Qualtrics

Blocks are used to organize questions into groups of questions for easy manipulation and survey flow.

The Randomizer is useful for randomizing the order of the blocks that are presented in the survey. 

Embedded data basically allows setting variables.


  • Survey Logic can be used to change the flow of question in your survey, including assigning participants to conditions, creating conditional branches (if/then statements), and changing which blocks are shown.
  • Display Logic can determine whether or not a question is shown, based on embedded data or previous survey responses.
  • Skip logic can make a participant jump to the end of a block or the end of a survey, based on embedded data field or previous responses.

Survey Options

The survey options menu contains many useful options. One of these is the Partial completion menu, which lets you decide how long qualtrics leaves partial responses open (so that participants can come back to a survey and pick it up where they left off). The default is a week, which may be too long for you if you are posting many batches, or don't want to allow people to complete surveys in multiple sessions. You may want to consider changing it to something shorter, like 4 hours.