2. Intermediate Qualtrics

Table of Contents allows questions to be placed in different groups and allows navigation back and forth between them.

Piped text allows answers from previous questions to be used as part of another question.

Randomization options for question choices, questions within a block, and advanced randomization

To view the order in which blocks, questions, or choices were randomized, Check the "Export randomized viewing data" option when downloading data

How to group multiple elements into one element

Using email triggers, on completion of a survey, you can automatically send emails (to any address, including one based on embedded data) that contain any information (including embedded data) at any time delay (right away up to 28 days). You can make email sending be conditional on any question answer or embedded data, and can send multiple emails.

What does panel company integration tell us?

What can quotas be used for?

The survey director allows you to send a single link, then redirect people to multiple different surveys based on particular information.