Advanced Use

For Advanced Users of Qualtrics

Building a psychology experiment gives a quicker pointer to features most useful for online experiments. It has links to articles on Qualtrics' website that cover the features we've found most useful. (You can also just start trolling their website, but this list should be quicker since Qualtrics is aimed at many different purposes).

This page includes advanced skills, like setting an embedded data field based on where a participant found your link, or recording the order in which questions were presented in a loop & merge block. For these you'll need some advanced knowledge of the REST API and some basic javascript skills. You'll also want to check out Functions & Capacities in Qualtrics for specific information on advanced techniques.

I found learning more Javascript was extremely helpful, from sources like and w3schools (which also has useful tutorials on HTML and various other common web languages). is another useful (and highly interactive) way to learn javascript.

The Survey Director allows users to build dynamic links, which change where they direct people based on a variety of criteria

For Qualtrics-specific scripting and functions:
  • The Coder's Corner gives examples of custom Javascript used in Qualtrics
  • If you learn what CSS is, you can change the aesthetic style of the survey. 
  • This Qualtrics' overview page explains how to use HTML and CSS.
    • It explains how to apply HTML and CSS to an entire survey (using Header, Footer, "Add Custom CSS" option).
    • The "Example HTML and CSS" gives code snippets for quite useful functions, that you can use even without understanding them in detail. 

  • The Qualtrics Question API explains how to use javascript on questions and provides some built in functions.
  • The Qualtrics REST API 2.0 explains how to access data from a survey by adding commands into a url string. (May need to be activated by your brand manager). 
Useful Javascript Code
  • I have been collecting an inventory of Javascript coding that needs to be documented. 
    • It includes: How to access and write to embedded data fields – which is extremely powerful.

Additional resources and links

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