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Date: 06/13/12 1:17 PM

Search and Replace
Quickly find and/or replace any text in your survey (that includes HTML, too)

GeoIP Location
Build survey logic, pre-fill user-forms, and run stats based on where your respondents are located...without even asking them
In-Page Display Logic
Make an item appear on a page if a condition on that same page is met, kinda like magic.
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Graphic.php?IM=IM_4JIFZOThj8hdZ0oCaptcha Verification
Verify your survey respondents using the new Captcha item type.

Graphic.php?IM=IM_eycTx2SBAf6WrT6Download Responses in Progress
Analyze respondent data, even if they haven’t yet completed the survey.

Graphic.php?IM=IM_bl7ioEWaGQjhvwgNPS Scoring Over Time
Create an NPS chart in Reporting Beta and easily see how your NPS scores change over time.

Graphic.php?IM=IM_3sh8Ubn0ToJRn2QPiped Text with Default Choices
Pre-fill a text entry question with respondent data and increase those response rates.

Variable Weighting
Adjust the weight of a particular answer choice in our Reporting Beta section.

  • Account Usage - Go to Account Settings to see how much Qualtrics awesomeness you're using.
  • Batch Upload to Library - Click, drag, and drop images right into your Qualtrics library.
  • Custom Survey Translations - Translate your survey to a custom Klingon or Ewokese.
  • Duplicate in Survey Flow - Easily duplicate any Survey Flow element and save yourself some time.
  • Resize Text Entry - Click and drag text entry boxes to resize as needed.
  • Variable Types for Embedded Data - Specify the SPSS variable types for your embedded data directly in Qualtrics.

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